Disoriented Records

Disoriented Records is an online label designed to help unsigned artist of all genre's get there music heard and help them gain more song plays and fans and also give them the opportunity to meet and collab with fellow artist . Disoriented Records Simply offers promotion and a home for the artist to release there music under! any Money made by the artist is kept by the artist. We are a non profit label and there are no contracts to sign simply because our goal is to get the artist noticed in hopes that a better opportunity will come along for them and we want them to be able to run with it instead of being locked down by a contract If you are interested in joining Disoriented Records Contact us!

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Diddy Wayne
Shades Of The Past
Bikini Strike!
A.C.E Madd
Forsake The Sun
Seven Eighteen
Ace 1
Nothing Left To Give
Taz D Hill